This is where you can find dates and times of services, Holy days and meetings in the chapter house.


1st      All Saints Day
            13.45   Pram Service
            19.30  Preservation Society
2nd    All Souls Day
            19.30  Deanery Synod,Arlesley
3rd      10.15   Holy Communion
            20.00  Bell Ringing
4th       09.30  MAP Review meeting
            19.30  Choir Practice
6th     Third Sunday before Advent
            08.00  Holy Communion
            09.30  Sung Eucharist Millbrook
            11.00  Family Service, Ampthill
            11.15  Holy Communion, Steppingley
            12.00  Baptism
            18.30  Sung Evensong
8th       13.45  Pram Service
9th       19.45  Wine Society
10th     10.15  Holy Communion
            20.00   Bell Ringing
11th    Remembrance Day
            11.00  Two Minute Silence, Mkt Square
            19.30  Choir Practice
12th     14.00  Messy Church
            19.30  Quiz Evening in Chapter House
13th Second Sunday before Advent; Remembrance Sunday
            08.00  Holy Communion
            No 09.30 service at St Andrews
            09.30 for 10.00 Special Remembrance Sunday Parade in Ampthill Park
                      -Tommy's Footprints. Followed by -
           10.55    Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph in The Alameda    nced
           10.50   Holy Communion + Remembrance, Millbrook
           18.30   Sung Evensong.
14th    12.00  Soup Lunch
15th    13.45   Pram Service
            18.30   Ampthill Band Rehearsal
17th    10.15  Holy Communion
            19.30  PCC
            20.00  Bell Ringing
18th    19.30  Choir Practice
19th    14.00  Messy Church
20th    Christ the King; Sunday next before Advent
            08.00   Holy Communion
            09.30   Sung Eucharist,
           11.15  Holy Communion, Millbrook
           11.15   Morning Praise, Steppingley
           18.30  Sung Evensong.
22nd   13.45  Pram Service
23rd    19.45   Wine Society
24th    10.15  Holy Communion
            20.00  Bell Ringing
25th     19.30  Choir Practice
27th    First Sunday of Advent; St Andrew
            No 8 a.m. Communion
           09.30  St Andrew's Patronal Festival, Sung Eucharist;
                       preacher Bishop Alan.
           11.15   Holy Communion, Steppingley with Bishop Alan
           16.00   Christingle
29th    13.45  Pram Service
            16.00 Junior Wildlife Group
30th    St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland


1st      10.15   Holy Communion
            11.00   Preparation for Christmas Tree Festival
            19.30   Mum's the Word (choir vestry)
            20.00   Bell Ringing
2nd      09.30   Preparation for Christmas Tree Festival
            19.30    Choir Practice
3rd       10.00   Christmas Tree Festival
4th      Second Sunday of Advent
            08.00    Holy Communion
            09.30    Sung Eucharist at Millbrook
                          No 11.00 service at St Andrew's
            11.00    Christmas Tree Festival
            17.00    Singalong - Carols and Conifers
6th      13.45    Pram Service
            20.00   Ampthill Preservation Society
                         'A Last Hurrah for Shakespeare 2016'
8th      10.15     Holy Communion
            20.00    Bell Ringing
9th      19.30    Choir Practice
11th Third Sunday of Advent
            08.00    Holy Communion
            09.30   Sung Eucharist,
           11.15    Holy Communion, Millbrook
           15.00    Caravan Club Carol Service
           16.00    Steppingley Christingle           
           18.30    Taizé
12th    12.00   Soup Lunch
13th    13.45   Pram Service
14th    19.45   Wine Society
15th    10.15    Holy Communion
            19.30   Mum's the Word
            20.00    Bell Ringing
16th    19.30    Choir Practice
18th    Fourth Sunday of Advent
            08.00   Holy Communion
            09.30   Sung Eucharist,
            11.15    Millbrook Carol Service
                          No 11.15 service at Steppingley
            18.30    Nine Lessons and Carols at Steppingley
            No Evening Service at Ampthill
20th    13.45    Pram Service,
21st     09.30  on Flowers delivered and pots prepared
22nd   10.15    Holy Communion
            14.00    Decoration of church for Christmas
             20.00   Bell Ringing
23rd     19.30  Choir Practice
24th Christmas Eve
            ? Rehearsals for Nativity ?
            ?15.30  Children's Nativity Service
            20.00    Civic Carol Service
            23.30    Midnight Mass, Steppingley
25th Christmas Day
            08.00    Holy Communion
            09.30    Family Communion
            11.15    Holy Communion, Millbrook
26th   Stephen, the First Martyr Bank Holiday
27th   John, Apostle& Evangelist Bank Holiday
            No Pram Service
28th   The Holy Innocents
29th    10.15   Holy Communion
            20.00   Bell Ringing
30th     No Choir Practice
31st    New Year's Eve

Please see Pew leaflets and notice boards  in the three churches for any alterations, additions or amendments.